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Three Pillars of Research

2. Information on Religion

Center for Information on Religion will cover the news on religions around Japan with academic interest. We select and present significant information on religions.

In recent years, Japanese people, who are not involved in specific religions, have less opportunity to experience religious ritual practices. This phenomenon is not only occurred among young people, but it also seems to happen for all generations including elderly people. Due to simplification of rituals and cultural events, it is becoming less often for us to experience religious practices in our daily life. By changing forms of funeral rites, the number of people, who do not hold funeral services and convey remains directly to crematorium from hospitals, are increasing.

Meanwhile, when we focus on the social news and global issues, we feel the necessity of knowledge and discernment of religion. However the coverage on religion is often tend to be superficial. The media reports on religious groups tend to be treated as a scandal. Religious festivals are reported only as historical or cultural events. We do not pay much attention on faith. Sometimes, media play up the news about religions as social trend in subculture, such as healing boom, power stones or power spots.

Center for Information on Religion analyze and research widely on current religious information. Our Japanese website presents varieties of information on religion. We offer English coverage on religions in Japan.

An index database of article archive from newspapers and magazines is also provided to associated research center, Religious Information Research Center (RIRC)