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Three Pillars of Research

First Pillar : Mind and Society

The more than 30 thousands suicides per year and the solitary deaths in Japan have been considered as the results of loosening communal ties and deterioration of social ethics. Our action researches are on some alternative mutual support channels not only traditional institutional or religious ones but also post-modern ones. For these objectives we develop following two projects.

1. Comparative Studies of Meditations

We have been engaged a consideration on the significance of meditation by the people who does not have any particular religious affiliation in modern society. Meditation was often regarded as a private and very religious activities and it is often true. However, it is useful tool for reflections for wider general folks in this chaotic society. On 2010 Fellow Kasai has published a book Meditation and Modernity (Shunju-sha, in Japanese).

2. enlightenment on addiction problem

Though global exchanges of peoples brought us the enhancement of life utility, it also causes addictive drug import and usage. To recover from such addiction problem, a modern Illness, various mutual support groups draws attention to support members in re-affiliation to some communality. Fellow Kasai published Sobriety in Communality (Sekai-Shisosha, 2007, in Japanese) a study on the group to share the suffering. He keeps studying various enlightening method on addiction to facilitate the people who suffer or their families, colleagues and friends.