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Renewal of the website of our Center for Information on Religion

We are pleased to announce that our website has been renewed as of the 25th of June. The last site was made in March 2005, mostly to introduce our Center, the activities of the Research Fellows, and their works. This renewal intends to respond to the changes in our society in these 5 years as follows:
-Development of Internet Access through Search Engine to e-document or e-books.
-Growing Needs of reliable Religious Information (both for transcultural understanding and for security)
In the following point was our site enhanced:
-More active information dispatch of religious information, including that on Japanese Religions in English.
-Essays and Columns is contributed by scholars, professional authors and of course our Research Fellows to learn various aspects on religions.
-Information on Religion which includes media coverage with reliable analysis.
The whole policy of the contents of the Center’s website, please refer also “About our Center,” “From Research Fellow.
We hope you will find this new CIR website useful for your better understanding of religions.